8th Annual Public Accounts Committees Symposium & Professional Certificate 2020
Innovation and Experimentation for the Effective Monitoring of Public Expenditure
3rd - 7th February 2020, London, UK

The ICPS 8th Annual Public Accounts Committees Symposium will focus on the emerging theme of ‘Innovation and Experimentation for the effective monitoring of Public Expenditure’. For those wishing to complete the five-day Professional Certificate, this will incorporate the high-level symposium and three subsequent days of intensive training. Delegates can opt to attend the symposium on its own or to attend the full five-day event.

The Symposium

Governments are now, more than ever, expected to be transparent and accountable for their management of public expenditure. To fulfil these expectations, they must find innovative and experimental ways to monitor public expenditure more effectively. Our 8th Annual Public Accounts Committees Symposium will equip participants with the knowledge and good practices to ensure government expenditure is effective, economical and efficient, exploring how PACs can foster an environment of prudent and accountable public expenditure through effectual practices and relationships with Parliament, National Auditing Bodies and other actors. This Symposium will demonstrate the best methods and tools for governments to create and implement innovative strategies, whilst also highlighting the challenges it presents through real life cases.

Delegates will discuss with leading practitioners in the field how to work with stakeholders to ensure public spending and the delivery of services is highly effective and efficient.

Areas to be discussed include:

  • Scrutiny of Public Accounts by Parliament: The Interaction of the Political and the Administrative Spheres
  • Challenges Ahead: The road to innovation is paved with obstacles and how to overcome them.
  • The Limits of Innovation: How Innovative can PACs realistically be when developing their role?
  • How to ensure that there is Transparency and Accountability in Government Expenditure
  • Assessing the Impact of Public Accounts Committees
The Professional Certificate

While the symposium will look into issues relating to the broad picture of the work of public accounts committees, the Professional Certificate will then go into more depth and detail on holding inquiries, public financial management and forward planning for PAC schedules. The programme is designed to build upon the issues raised throughout the symposium through discussions with peers and subject specialists. Participants who attend the full four-day programme will be eligible to attain the Chartered Management Institute Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership. For more information please visit the programme page.

What is involved?

To obtain the Professional Certificate in the Work of Public Accounts Committees delegates will complete the five-day event, followed by two written tasks after the duration of the course. Upon completion of this course and subsequent successful completion of CMI written tasks, the successful candidate will be awarded a Level 5 CMI certificate in Management & Leadership showing the CMI units achieved. The CMI is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. The professional qualifications offered by the Institute are internationally recognised and sought after. In addition, the successful candidate will receive a transcript from the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies certifying the specialisation in the Work of Public Accounts Committees.

Who should attend?

This international symposium will be of interest to all those working with public accounts committees and their respective support organisations from around the world, including:

Members of Parliament
Clerks of Parliament
Civil servants and other public sector employees
Auditors and accountants
Staff from national audit offices and offices of the Auditor General
Accounting officers and treasury/finance department officials

Why attend?

High Profile Speakers

The Symposium promises an internationally recognised line-up of leading figures and expert speakers who will offer an invaluable insight into the latest initiatives and developments in the work of public accounts committees. Parliamentarians and others who are involved in the processes and procedures of the work of PACs will provide a variety of perspectives and insights on this important subject.


The Symposium and Certificate will also provide many hours of networking, including coffee breaks, lunches, and a drinks reception, ensuring that all speakers and delegates have the maximum possible time to exchange ideas from around the world, explore possible solutions to identified needs and get to know each other better.